Pornography for Couples by Violet Blue

There is a lot of misunderstanding about porn for couples. A lot of people have heard of it, but in reality, few have ever seen it, let alone watched together with their partners. Many hardcore porn fans for some reason believe that such sex videos are boring because they feature only classic positions and stuff. This misunderstanding comes due to the belief that women do not enjoy hardcore porn or private voyeur content.

In fact, they do. Most women who watch porn on a regular basis report they like a lot of hardcore stuff. There are only two main things they consider a must-have for the sex video to be popular with them. The first thing is no violence over women or rape in the video. Even if it is a plot and the actress expresses full consent about it, most women hate this stuff (which is totally understandable). The second thing is too much theatrics in the majority of sex movies.

One important aspect of this theatrics, women state, is an exaggerated reaction of female models, all these moans, passionate faces, and acted movements. Many female viewers of porn state that they find many scenes laughable because the actresses look ridiculous. Also, female viewers demand movies to be believable. A lot of them just lose all their horny mood as soon as they find the female model in a totally unnatural position, pleasing herself with an object that cannot be used for that (like a cotton swab), and making unnaturally passionate and satisfied faced about it. Women usually state “unbelievable!” and choose a different video.

So, getting back to porn for couples, to satisfy both it does not need to be all vanilla and stuff. it has to be female friendly and also believable. One may ask why men do not want believable videos as well. Actually, they do, but the fact is, men have learned to be content with less. That is why most adult resources state that the majority of their audience is male; not because women do not like sex or porn, but because they want better quality and are picky.

So yeah, generally it is hard to find good porn for couples. It has to satisfy the tastes of both partners in the first place and considering that some people confess they spend more time choosing the video than watching it, this is hard. And of course, it should be of high quality. Many couples state they find hidden webcam resources pretty satisfying, because people featured there are not actors, and they really have passionate sex with each other for the sake of pleasure. This is a world difference between actors making money. Erotic movies are also a good choice if the couple cannot decide on appropriate porn. Erotic movies are created with the viewers of both genders in mind, and the quality is usually very high. So if you and your partner would like to watch some adult content together, just make a thorough research. You will definitely find what you both like.


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