Clean-Cut K-Pop Embroiled In South Korean Sex Scandal

South Korea has a lot of sex scandals these days. This happens mostly to two new unhealthy trends in highly technological, but at the same time deeply patriarchal society. On the one hand, the country has banned creating and spreading of any pornography. Those making porn movies and hosting or spreading them face several years in jail and huge fines. Yet, the trends in society are men filming women secretly on hidden cam to enjoy on their own, with friends, or to even upload to the Internet.

The activists state that, despite all progress, South Korea is still lead by patriarchy, and such cases can damage and even destroy the reputation of the woman in society. Yet, men demonstrate a very certain behavior in exploiting female strangers for their sexual needs without even making the women aware. Most often they make videos using their phones, and then show the videos to their friends, and even share them in their social circle. However, some men go as far as maintaining hidden cameras in public places like toilets, and then, again, sharing the videos or even uploading or selling them to the porn sites.

Another unhealthy trend South Korean society goes through is revenge porn, again, filmed mostly by men, and then used against women. This can be done by an ex-partner sharing a video of his former girlfriend for the sake of revenge. However, there are cases when the two partners were not dating, they just had sex for the sake of pleasure with mutual consent, and yet the male made a secret video of the female and later uploaded it to the web. This shows a deeply unhealthy attitude of men to women in Korea.

The next sex scandal is connected to Seungri, a member of the Big Bang boy band, very popular in South Korea and also abroad. For years, this band was gaining popularity, demonstrating proper values and behavior, and eventually enjoyed the support of the authorities. The authorities were interested in exporting the Big Bang as representatives of South Korean modern music, culture, and values.

However, Seungri was accused of offering sex to some of the potential investors in a nightclub. Moreover, the young man was found to be guilty in making sex videos with his sex partners, without their consent, and sharing these videos with friends.

In addition to being illegal, these actions by the boy band member are totally destructive for his reputation and also the reputation of the whole band. The band has thousands of fans all around the world, mostly teens. While many fans do not believe in these accusations, thousands actually state they are disappointed and saddened by such behavior of their role model.

While the member of the boy band has announced his retirement from show business before the scandal broke out, after that he will retire for sure, and for long. Seungri is likely to pay a huge fine and also serve several years in jail for such crimes.


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